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10 Shortcuts to Make Your Move Less Stressful

July 22, 2019 posted in Blog, Featured, by dora

When planning your move, packing can be the most stressful part! That’s why most everyone saves that task for last.

Using any or all of these 10 packing ideas will take some of the pressure off during packing and, just as important, when unpacking too.

1. Freebies – Why buy boxes when you can get them for free? Go to or the “free stuff” section on Craigslist. Both list items by location. It’s best to find boxes of varying sizes. Sometimes you can get new or like-new barely used boxes at a store or supermarket. Avoid supermarket cartons that may contain messy or smelly food residue.

2. Pack Backwards – This means starting with the last room you will unpack which is typically the kitchen and pack the first room you’ll want to unpack last – typically the bedroom. Loading the boxes in this order for the move helps on the delivery end too.

3. Color Coding – No one needs to know what’s in which box but you, right? Use assorted colors of duct tape or sticky dots and use the same colors on the rooms in the place you move to. Mark all sides of the box so no matter how they are stacked you can always identify where it goes.

4. Bag & Tag – Leave your hanging clothes on their hangers and group a few hanging clothes together with a twist tie, slip a black garbage bag over them, and make a hole in the top of the bag for hanger hooks to stick out. Mark which room they go to with your color code tape (see #3). To “unpack,” simply remove the bag and tie.

5. Cover It – Instead of buying the mattress cover sold by your mover, leave the fitted sheet you use regularly on your mattress, then cover both sides of the mattress with two older fitted sheets you no longer use.

6. Wrap It – Don’t bother emptying out the drawers of smaller furniture like end tables or corner desks. Wrap heavy-duty plastic wrap around it from top-to-bottom and side-to-side. This seals the drawers in place, and saves you hours of unpacking.

7. Tape It – If certain furniture pieces require disassembly, place all bolts, screws and small pieces in a Ziploc bag and tape the bag with clear packing tape to the bottom of the piece.

8. Pad It – When packing the moving truck, use socks or rolled t-shirts between items that could bump up or rub against each other in transit. This is especially handy inside boxes for wrapping around breakables like glassware.

9. Even It Out – Even out the weight when loading furniture and appliances in a moving truck to help prevent damage. Place the refrigerator in the front right section of the truck and the washer and dryer opposite, front left.

10. Secure It –When loading your plastic-wrapped furniture, place the side with drawers against the wall of the truck to prevent them from opening. Use tie-downs or bungies on the side walls for added security. Remember, things shift front to back as well as side to side.



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