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How to Buy a House — Step Four –From Contract to Closing

Once you have the house you love “under contract,” you still have a lot to do.  Many have a time deadline.  Make sure you understand all of the deadlines in the contract.

  1. Give your lender a copy of the contract.
  2. Give your lender all of the financial information the lender needs to approve your loan.
  3. Give your attorney a copy of the contract.
  4. Find a home inspector and have your new home inspected within the deadlines of your contract.
  5. If there are any issues found by the inspector negotiate with your seller within the deadlines of your contract.
  6. Find out the suppliers of utility services for your new home and make sure you are aware of all costs involved in turning on utilties.
  7. Set up hazard insurance.  Once you leave the closing table, the home is yours.  You need to set up  insurance before you get to the closing table.
  8. Make sure you know how much and how to get your funds to the attorney for closing.  Often, attorneys will not accept cash or a personal check.  You may have to wire your funds to the closing attorney.
  9. Throughout the process, talk to your realtor to make sure you are following up on all parts of your contract.

Our goal is to have the easiest and smoothest closing possible and to hand you the key to your new home.

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